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Money Mindset During The Pandemic

What is your money mindset doing during this Pandemic? Are you rocking it, telling yourself that you’re nailing your goals? Or is the self-doubt beginning to creep in and you’re questioning your ability to keep your head in the game, to keep focused and committed to your business?

Let’s talk about it, because your money mindset is probably the most important thing that's going to keep you going over the next few months. And in my own business I know how important it is to really work on money mindset. Every single day.

In this blog I’m going to share three things with you to help you stay on track: where your money mindset comes from, how to overcome obstacles, and how to recommit to yourself and your business, because right now every day brings a new experience, and it can be a challenge to keep up.

Where do your money beliefs come from?

Your money beliefs come from right from when you were born; from every time you were told that you couldn't have that ice cream or that bar of chocolate, or there wasn't money to go out to the cinema or for the treat that you wanted.

Maybe you heard from your parents we haven't got the money, or we can't afford it or money doesn't grow on trees or it’s a waste of money …

And because when you’re small you process information through your emotions, all those money statements have a strong emotional response attached to them. As a small child you will have believed everything your parents and grandparents told you, and those beliefs stay with you into adulthood.

And then when things aren’t going so well with the economy in general and the news is full of talk around redundancies and hardship, those old emotions attached to money scarcity come right back. You remember the pain of not being able to have what you want. You remember being told about money and how money behaved and how money reacted to you and it’s not great.

I’ve heard a lot of so-called experts talking about the recession that is going to hit the world economy, comparing the current situation to circumstances that led to previous recessions such as that in the 1990’s. That kind of talk quite literally creates a recession because as Napoleon Hill said, “where attention goes, energy flows”.

So every time you start feeling that money fear you’re going to have to remind yourself that those feelings belong to the past and that in no way can they be indicative of what is going to happen today or tomorrow. That fear of scarcity is just a memory and you are super-imposing your past onto your present and into your future (just like the experts). So stop it because although the value of some businesses has decreased, the money and the gold reserves are still there …


The best thing you can do with an obstacle to you making money is to acknowledge it. What are the real problems you face and what are the things that you're just making up because of your previous money mindset?

The Pandemic is seen by many as a HUGE obstacle to them keeping their business afloat. But instead of allowing the Pandemic to impact your success, list out the problems (perceived or otherwise) being caused by it.

For example, you may say that people can’t or won’t pay for your services or products any more because they can’t afford it. But some of those people may just have decided to be a little more careful with their spending because they’re saving for an uncertain future. Or maybe they want to do something extra-special for their family at Christmas, or maybe they just haven’t found you on social media!

Once you’ve taken a closer look at the problems caused by the Pandemic, the obstacle has become smaller because when you have identified specific problems, you can then work on finding solutions.

So let’s take the example where you have assumed that someone doesn’t want to spend their money on your offer.

Could it be that they don’t want to spend their money with you because they don’t understand the value of what you offer, and if so how could you add value?

Do your potential clients feel as though you’re talking to them? Are you connecting emotionally and psychologically? Could you change your marketing copy and content?

If you have coaching packages could you add in bonus training or a laser coaching session, or could you break them down to be more financially manageable for the current climate? And particularly if you are a service provider, could you offer two or three different types of payment plans?

By the way, regardless of which business you’re in, I absolutely don’t suggest you think about discounting in any way shape or form because once you go down in price, it's very difficult to go back up.

Recommit to you and your business goals

Recommit to you and your business goals. Now, when I say recommit, I'm a big believer in writing your goals down. The breakthroughs in neuro-science during the past five to ten years have been stunning and we have learned so much about achievement. But we’ve also learned that when things get uncomfortable or difficult we give up too easily.

So write down your goals on paper using a pen or pencil. There's a huge amount of science that shows that you’ll be making things easier for yourself when you get things out of your brain and on to paper.

Your brain wants clarity and your brain wants clear instructions. If you have ideas that are going around and around in your head without an end in sight then your poor brain will likely get tired and confused.

Read your goal or goals out loud several times each day so that you feel good about what you’ve written. Run your fingers along the words as you’re speaking them so that you reinforce your goals with emotion. If you do this on a regular basis you’ll begin to create new patterns of thought, which in turn will become habits, which in turn will become behaviour, which in turn will become your everyday reality.

Just a quick word of warning though. Don’t expect a miracle overnight. You’ve been thinking your thoughts for a long time and although you’ll notice a positive difference about how you feel after around 30 days, it can take anything up to a year for your goals to become unconscious behaviour.

But I believe it’s totally worth it, because you are worth it. And if you are as passionate about your business as I am about mine, I know that you're going to want to do everything in your power to keep your money mindset positive, forward-thinking, in the game, ready to nail it, ready to go into 2021, ready to continue to serve others.

Now, if you’re an ambitious woman entrepreneur who is prepared to give everything you’ve got to succeed, and you believe that you are ready to take the next step in this whole money mindset game, I'd love to invite you to a VIP half day one-to-one intensive with me online where I’ll teach you how to stay on track.

I’m going to coach you through these three key elements of your success strategy:

  • Money Mindset so that you discover your true worth and get paid for the results you give

  • Stacking Your Offer so that you give your client massive value without under-charging and over-delivering

  • Making the Sale so that you have a simple sales conversation structure to give you confidence and to easily help your client get to yes (or no) – keeping it clean, no pressure

You’ll find all the details HERE

Until next time stay safe, stay healthy, keep washing your hands, keep doing the social distancing thing and stay fab-you-lous (because you are)!

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