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Are You Suffering From Shiny Object Syndrome?

Do you like shiny new objects? Or do you have a fear of missing out?

I don’t think there can be many people who haven’t seen the buzz about ‘Clubhouse’ right now, and I’m wondering whether people are so excited about it because it’s new and shiny, or whether it’s totally fabulous and allows you to connect with your audience even more closely.

As a non-Apple user I have no idea how it works or what’s so special about it although the Android App is apparently due to be released soon and I’ll probably have a look.

It reminds me though of when Periscope was released in March 2015 (live streaming video for Twitter) and I loved it, for about a month. In March 2021 the mobile app will be discontinued with one of the reasons cited as declining usage (as well as wanting to save some pennies). The competition is simply too strong.

How do you know if you have it?

So how do you know if you’re suffering from the so-called shiny object syndrome, and if yes, how do you get rid of it?

As an Entrepreneur, one of the most important business processes you’ll have to work through is to identify your niche so that you build your brand and reputation as an expert. That can be a struggle though when you’ve got lots of people telling you to do different things: build your list, create an online course, do a podcast, become a blogger or vlogger …

Remember that they’re telling you what has worked first and foremost for them and don’t allow your inner critic to tell you that you're not clever enough to do what it takes and pass all responsibility for your future success to others.

Another sure sign that you’re falling prey to the shiny object syndrome is that you don’t finish things. For example, do you sign up to courses and online challenges and then don’t finish them, or buy books only to read the first few pages and no more, or plan your work projects using fabulous online software which you then don’t use?

All that could result in you feeling overwhelmed and confused which in turn means that your productivity will suffer. Your brain needs clarity and structure if it’s to perform at its best, and you getting excited about something and then dropping it will create a never-ending mental rollercoaster. It’s exhausting!

How to get rid of it

If any of those things sound like you, when the next new shiny object comes along, ask yourself these three questions.

1. HOW could this course/book/software contribute to my business strategy?

For example, I've recently switched email providers and am now using the email feature with my website. The plan is to direct more people to visit my website, read my blogs, help them to get to know me better (and me them) through my email marketing and then build a working relationship.

2. Do I have the time to commit to learning something new (especially if it’s a longer term course?

The email feature in its current form was introduced about a year ago so the provider should have had time to iron out any wrinkles. Although it’s taken me a couple of hours to import my contacts and set up new templates, it was an easy process with lots of clear instructions about what to do.

3. Will this new thing add REAL VALUE to my business and will my customers/clients benefit?

The website email system provides fabulous value for money and is one less site/app for people to have to use. That’s also relevant for the contact data that I hold ie., there’s now one less company that I have to worry about being hacked.

And if it’s accountability you’re looking for, get yourself a coach so that any money you’re spending is an investment in you and your business and not contributing to you feeling guilty about your lack of results.

PS: If you prefer watching things, here’s the video version:


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