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Branding With Archetypes® 

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This is for you if you want to :


  • Discover your Brand Archetype, which perfectly captures your spirit, personality and passion, transforming YOU into an authentic brand you can instantly use to start growing professionally

  • Identify your unique fabulous-ness and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on the activities you enjoy the most

  • ​Decide on which steps you can take to pull you towards realising your vision


What Is Branding?

Branding can at first seem very confusing because there isn’t any one thing you can point to and say, “That’s a brand.” A lot of people think of Coca-Cola, IBM or Mercedes. They see a logo in their minds, and they think the logo is the brand. Actually, it’s not. Your logo and your tagline are just one tiny aspect of your brand. Your brand is a combination of elements that all add up to this…



Your brand is the PROMISE of an EXPERIENCE.


Your brand is also an opportunity to create:


  • Meaningful, thought-provoking connections with your clients.

  • Focus, intention and energy for you in building your business.  



All great brands for small business owners clearly answer these three questions:

  • Who am I?

  • What do I stand for? 

  • What am I an expert in or at?​



The proprietary Branding with Archetypes® system ensures that your brand is a deeply emotional experience for others and highly authentic experience for you.

Are you a Ruler, Alchemist, Hero, Sage, Explorer or Humanitarian?

Your branding impacts everything you do - how you market and promote yourself, how you price your services or fees, and how much you allow yourself to earn and receive.

The Branding With Archetypes Assessment®  is going to take all the guess work out of you creating a brand that resonates with the core of who you are and those you work with because when you use this powerful tool you will learn how to stay true to your innermost values and understand what you need to create spiritual fulfilment and financial success

And in case you're wondering, I'm the Ruler Archetype, so it's not a surprise that I obsess about helping you succeed by empowering your true self!

There’s a unique part of you that many people mistakenly believe they have to hold back.


Coaching together, you’ll discover your Brand Archetype, which unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that is going to open you up to greater certainty when you're thinking about how to present yourself to those you want to impress!

What Are Archetypes?

Archetypes are images, characteristics and qualities that are imprinted in our human psyche and are immediately understood because they are universal.


  • We intuitively understand archetypes.

  • They immediately create meaning and feeling.

  • Brands are about emotion and connection.



Archetypes provide a structured, easy to use method for creating meaning, emotion and connection in your working environment, in a way that is authentic to YOU!  


When you complete the assessment you'll discover your Signature AND your Influencing Archetypes and watch this video where one of my fabulous clients talks about her experience. 

If you crave having a brand that captures your unique spirit, personality and passion, positioning you to powerfully stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd, keep reading -


How Does It Work?


Step 1.  When you sign up NOW using the button below and I'll send you the assessment with guidance.

Step 2.  Book your 20-minute coaching call with me for your detailed feedback and action plan.


" ...  I did the assessment and sent it back to Gwyneth.  Once she had analysed my results and written up my feedback we met to go through it.  I have to say, I was genuinely taken aback.  I could not believe how true to me the results were.   With every sentence I kept saying “yes, that’s totally me” and “I can’t believe how accurate and true this is”, I could relate to all of it.   It’s one of those things that we don’t realise or think about towards ourselves but when it’s pointed out you sit and think “oh yeah”.  


And it was lovely to be able to discuss the feedback with Gwyneth too and gain a better understanding of it and ways in which I could put the feedback to good use, for example, using key words that are specific to my Archetypes." 

Why Use A Signature And An Influencing Archetype?

Your Signature Archetype represents the core nature, motivation and driving force of you.  However, used alone it does not allow you to see the depth or dimension of your rich personality.  Which is where your Influencing Archetype comes in.


Your Influencing Archetype gives dimension, color, tone and uniqueness when integrated with your Signature Archetype. For example, someone whose Signature Archetype is Ruler and Influencing Archetype is Artist will have very different approach and feel, strengths, values and vision than they would if their Signature Archetype were Ruler with an Influencing Archetype of Humanitarian.

Are We Branding Our Business To Reflect Our Archetypes Or The Archetypes Of Our Ideal Clients?


Here is the simplest way to answer this important question: Your archetypes always reflect YOUR uniqueness…and they appeal to a matching core desire that is currently important and strongly present within your ideal clients.

For example, if your Signature Archetype is Ruler, Influencing is Alchemist, you will appeal to a core desire within those that you work with to seek out structure and manage change at a time when it feels as though things are spiraling out of control.

Confusion About How You Should Brand Yourself Is Exhausting ...

Clarity Creates Confidence ... 

When You Know Your Brand YOU Will Be Transformed

You'll also receive:

  • 20-minute feedback  call so that I can answer ALL your questions

  • Written summary of your Archetypes feedback

  • Recording of our coaching call

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You are going to be AMAZED at the accuracy of your feedback and I can't wait to support you on this journey.

Until we meet stay safe, stay healthy, and stay fab-you-lous!

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