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What's The Best Lead Magnet Ever?

Because many women entrepreneurs are selling to/working with other women I wanted to check in with you and find out how your lead magnets are doing ...

Are you trusting your intuition and appealing to the emotions of those you want to connect with, or are you still over-thinking things and trying to second-guess what they want to the extent that nothing is working?

Remember that your lead magnet is going to be setting the tone of your future conversations with those who are saying 'yes' to getting to know you better and what worked six or 12 months ago may not work now.

Current research is telling us that women in particular have seen their workloads increase significantly during the past year - home-office, home-schooling, home everything! - and you should be mindful of how your prospect is feeling when you’re first establishing that all important emotional connection. Make sure that what you're offering isn't going to require loads of additional brain power!

And so that you don't have to think too much either, here's a quick Lead Magnet Checklist reminding you of the basics to make sure that you’re ticking the boxes:

1. Who is your ideal client?

Get laser clear on who you’re marketing to otherwise your lead magnet could sink into oblivion. Market to one. Sell to many.

2. Does it solve a problem for them?

Make sure that you’re thinking of the person you’re marketing to when you decide on the problem you want to help with. Keep the solution simple.

3. Is it specific enough?

Be wary of being too general or trying to give too much information. Remember that this is just the beginning of your relationship with your prospect and you should focus on one relevant topic.

4. Does it give your prospect instant results?

You want to impress your prospect with your expertise and a great way to do that is to give them an instant result (like this checklist). Help them to see the value of your lead magnet and how it will impact their business.

5. Is it downloadable and can your prospect gain immediate access?

Make sure that you have your email auto-responder set up to send your lead magnet link or download as soon as someone confirms their details. Your files/images shouldn’t be so big that they take forever to download.

And if you want to provide your prospects with the BEST EVER lead magnet? In addition to checking off the above, give them something that they can use time and time again so that they're constantly being reminded of how thankful they are to you for such a fabulous gift!

Are you ready to own responsibility for your financial freedom? I'd love to invite you to join my group on Facebook where I hold weekly live training sessions for ambitious women entrepreneurs:


Gwyneth works with ambitious women entrepreneurs who struggle with charging what they're worth and feel uncomfortable asking to be paid, and who would like to feel confident that they can have a sales conversation that converts instead of leaving money on the table because their prospect tells them they'll think about it, only to be never heard from ever again!

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