Gemma Vestal - General Secretary at Federation of International Civil Servants' Associations (FICSA)

It is important that organizations provide their staff some training/workshops related to dealing with pressures at work. This is like offering a much-needed pressure valve.


At my Organization, this was one type of workshop that was requested by the members. And we chose Gwyneth because she had been recommended by a member organanization.


I personally attended one of her trainings to ensure that what we were offering weas indeed helpful. And I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed Gwyneth's teaching style. She engaged everyone. We got our value for money and learned so much in the process as well. I then invited Gwyneth to conduct a workshop at our annual Council. Our members were appreciative.


Since then, she's had many invitations to our member organizations, which are staff associations/unions of the UN common system.

Libor Chlad, Deputy Head of Cooperation - EU Mission in Kosovo

"Our diverse team of 40 staff with varied backgrounds has undergone a major restructuring operation in response to a new regulatory framework. In addition, we have faced changes in the management structure.


The impact of these challenges on our work has been significant. Gwyneth has accompanied us through this complex process and provided us with valuable support in managing the changes and exploring new opportunities they have created.


It is largely thanks to this professional support that we have embraced the changes as a team and succeeded in making the restructuring a success. I can recommend Gwyneth without hesitation to any manager that looks to increase performance of their teams."

OSCE Mission in Kosovo

" ... We appreciate her sense of humour, patience and understanding of the needs of the different groups which consist of varying experiences and educational backgrounds.  I would not hesitate to recommend Gwyneth to other organizations looking to run training programmes in the areas of staff development in which she specialises."

Robert Wilton, Deputy Head of Presence, OSCE Presence in Albania

"The OSCE Presence in Albania has benefitted from several courses devised and delivered by Gwyneth Letherbarrow ... Our repeated use of her for diverse training needs is due entirely to her approach and effectiveness, and I'm very happy to recommend her.   ... [her] professional knowledge and her wider activity in the world of training and coaching are underpinned by her personal skills.

Articulate, thoughtful, attentive and committed, she builds warm and respectful relationships with trainees, and it is this atmosphere that is probably most responsible for the popularity of her courses.  I have no hesitation in endorsing her and her work."


Joanna Mletzko, IAEA Vienna

"I am grateful for Gwyneth tips. I contacted her as I was preparing for job interview and I took also part in seminar on Emotional Intelligence. I really feel her great engagement and energy helped me figured out how to improve my life. With her help I felt confident during my Sonru interview. She didn’t tell me exactly what to say, but taught me how to say what I wanted to express, so that the message get conveyed and I sounded more authentic. Just like the better version of me. At top of this she helped me out to improve my communication skills. I am using her tips now every day and see how much easier it made my life.😊

Thank you Gwyneth!"

Philippe Berger - London, England

"Gwyneth came highly recommended by a friend of mine,  I worked with her to prepare a video interview, and it was the best preparation I could have.

Gwyneth helped with both the details and practicalities of a video interview and also with the substance and the best way to put my application forward. She provided with very helpful documentation, tips and recommendations that gave me a big confidence boost for the interview. She is very knowledgeable on international organisations and her advices and guidance were really relevant and appropriate to the position I applied for.

Big thank you for the help!"

Maureen Grabner - Vienna, Austria

"I was definitely panicking when the job I so desperately wanted was advertised. Previous nightmarish interview experiences lead me to believe that my approach and technique weren’t ideal and I was open to receiving tips and suggestions as to how to improve.


I was aware of Gwyneth’s services via [the IAEA] Staff Council and decided to get in contact and see what happened.


Coaching definitely helped me to focus on my strengths as applicable to the job description and to present myself as a top candidate. I received good tips on how to structure my preparation for the competency questions and was then able to apply this to practical examples from my work experience.


Gwyneth video-taped our sessions and helped me to analyse the content and presentation of my responses. Most importantly, Gwyneth gave me confidence that I could achieve well in an interview and this really helped me to get the better of my nerves on the big day. And, I got the job!


I would recommend to anyone who is preparing for an interview to talk with Gwyneth and profit from her wisdom and experience."

Elfi Bosch - Vienna, Austria

It is everyone’s dream to advance in their careers and life, but often we are distracted by our day-to-day issues and we forget to work on the things which help us to make progress. That was also the case with me.

I applied for jobs now and again so that I could expand my skill set and get new experience. Luckily I was invited to a few job interviews. But my joy was short-lived and I always became overwhelmed by the feelings of uneasiness every time I thought of sitting in front of the interview panel.

I didn’t know if I was doing anything right.  That’s when I decided to get myself a professional coach to get some guidance, so next time when the opportunity came, I would be well prepared.

Gwyneth asked me quite powerful questions that allowed me to see things more clearly and helped me to get in the right mood to work. For example, after my coaching I now know what my real strengths are. Also, using a structured approach in the preparation for the interview calmed my nerves.

After my coaching I was much better prepared and I felt more confident. But also I got inspired to think outside my box and take new things into consideration.

If you need some clarity about where you are going or about how you can find the job you want, then I would recommend working with a coach.

Gwyneth has a history of dealing with these types of issues. She can help you organize your goals and get them into a plan. She is very knowledgeable and can help you set your goals and even more important, help you get your priorities right.

In my opinion, coaching would be useful for everyone and it is worth giving it a try. Just remember:  If you are willing to make the effort you can create the future you want!

Thank you, Gwyneth!

"The [CV Writing] Workshop has given me a new perspective on my own qualities and desired employment, and has refined my brand subtlety."

Elena, Senior Human Resources Assistant, OSCE Presence in Albania

"I personally found the training most helpful.  Ms Letherbarrow's approach within an Organization she is very familiar with was most constructive.  Her advice and guidance offered have resulted personally for me in a much improved CV".

Adrian Nessel, Head of Security Cooperation Department, OSCE Presence in Albania

"My coaching with Gwyneth has helped me to understand my strengths and to market myself more professionally when applying for jobs. I also realize that I was placing a lot of limits on myself with some of my beliefs, and have learned how to focus on what I want, saving lots of time and energy."

CG, Italy

"We should see you more often, as your workshops are useful and you also make people feel better about themselves"

Maja Gršiċ, Interpreter/Administrative Assistant, OSCE Mission to Serbia

​"... During our coaching sessions Gwyneth helped me achieve a greater awareness of my goals.  She acknowledged and respected my values which empowered and motivated me, and which helped me to reach my objectives..."  

Emel R. UK


"Gwyneth has helped me to completely change how I approach life. She is very easy to speak to and always made me feel comfortable and reassured ... Thank you Gwyneth, this experience has been invaluable."

Annabel C. UK

“Having experienced numerous courses for the sake of enhancing my managerial skills, I wish to say, that Gwyneth Letherbarrow deserves the title “professional”.  I felt very well received, very well provided for with a comprehensive structure of the course and … I have learned a lot.”

Ulrich Biffar, Germany


"I highly recommend Gwyneth Letherbarrow for her professional Interview Skills and CV writing skills expertise to anyone. The quality of training is outstanding, the trainer has a sense of how to market yourself, how to find that extra thing in you, how to format and fit yourself for the position you are applying for. Excellent insight and great advice really makes interview preparation and drafting CVs so easy."

Erton Decani, Kosovo

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