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Gwyneth is an Award-Winning Coach and Branding Strategist, Author and Speaker who has helped thousands of professionals build powerful personal brands that open doors to new opportunities.


Born in England, she spent more than 20 years working for international organizations throughout Europe and the Balkans, being a part of, building and managing, and sometimes drawing down multicultural teams. 

With a background in management, marketing and human resources, Gwyneth has a unique understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence in building a successful career. She also brings in-depth insights on complex workplace challenges and the dynamics created by culturally diverse teams. 


Through her consulting business and her popular workshops, Gwyneth offers practical advice and strategies for building a brand that stands out in today’s competitive job market. With her guidance, professionals at all levels can develop the skills they need to stand out, advance their careers, and achieve their goals,


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Gwyneth Letherbarrow MBA

Coach │Branding Strategist │Author │Speaker


T: 0043 (0) 650 4111 744


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Vicki Prais

Human Rights Lawyer LLB, LLM

I have really enjoyed working with you on both the 1:1 VIP Intensive and the brand audit.  I have felt at ease when we speak and have appreciated your style and approach in your coaching – easy-going, honest, practical and, at times, pushing me to think outside my comfort zone. I also appreciated the constructive criticism vis-à-vis my website and areas of improvement.  It sometimes takes an outsider to give an objective view; I am too close to my website and cannot see the wood from the trees!


I really like the follow up after our sessions with Zoom recordings and a written brief after the brand audit. 


In terms of results, I have taken time to re-think the way in which I brand myself, my offer and have made substantive changes to my website, LinkedIn and Facebook following the brand audit.  I feel a lot more confident in how I ‘show up’ online and have tried to align all my various social media with my brand.  I feel a lot more confident that that my audience and potential clients have a better understanding of what I do and what I offer in terms of services and outcomes! 


I would say that your coaching is incisive, practical, honest, direct and positive!   I would also say that you offer your coaching with great care and compassion and are invested in helping your clients succeed as business women. 


I decided to take your 1:1 VIP Intensive after watching quite a few of your videos and really liked the topics, delivery style and energy.  I would suggest to anyone who is considering signing up to any of your coaching offerings to check out your videos first and get more of a sense and flavour of your style and coaching offerings.

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We have been running our business, MadMolly since 2007 and whilst we appreciated that having a solid brand on social media was an ever increasing necessity for business, we never really got on board with it.  We went through the motions of posting new products but Gwyneth took building awareness around our brand to a completely new level with regards to engaging old and new customers.


Since we started working with Gwyneth at the end of 2019 we have really noticed a difference in engaging customers and an increase in orders coming through the website – even throughout 2020 and 2021!  Gwyneth helped us put together a plan for the year and even though I’m camera shy, I now understand the importance of showing our customers the faces behind the business.


We wouldn’t think twice about recommending Gwyneth - just go for it. She makes things happen and is quite frankly Fabulous!

Katherine Turner

Business Owner

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