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If you're working for an international organization your main focus will likely be making the world a safer place.


BUT what are you doing to help yourself because if you want to continue to develop professionally, get a promotion or even work independently as a consultant, you're going to have to be able to market yourself with confidence!


Do something about it right now and stay ahead of the competition!

🏆 How would it feel if you loved Sunday evenings because you were looking forward to Monday morning?

🏆 How would it feel to be doing work that was totally aligned with your innermost values?

🏆 How would it feel to be working with people who valued your contribution?


If You Want 2020 To Be The Year That Those Things Happen, Book Your Career Clarity Call With Me NOW

My clients tell me that I can see right inside of them, that I can discover what it is they want to do with laser-like precision, that if they had found me earlier they would have followed a completely different career path years ago … 🚀


And one of the reasons I can do that is because the answers are already inside you, but for whatever reason, you're not listening.  I can teach you very quickly how to hear what your emotional intelligence is telling you.

So if you knew that I could help you to plan your next career steps within 30-minutes, why would you spend another day (week, month … ?) wondering whether it’s the right time to move?

Let me help you discover your passion so that you don't waste another minute doubting what your future holds.

During January 2020 your investment is US$ 99 and you can access my calendar directly to choose a convenient time for us to talk when you book your 30-minute Career Clarity Call HERE

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Stepping Into You

The Blueprint To Nail Your Personal Brand and Market Yourself Magnificently

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  • Do you hate having to market yourself when pitching for business?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself to strangers and end up selling yourself short?

  • Or maybe you just don’t know where to start with building a personal brand?

Make no mistake.  You already have a personal brand, and in a world where the majority of people are on the social media stage, it would be foolish to leave things to chance.

As a Personal Branding Strategist and Professional Development Coach, the #1 challenge that Gwyneth helps her clients with is to talk about themselves with ease so that they can market themselves with confidence.

If you are ready to begin the transformation from feeling sick and panic-stricken when you have to talk about yourself to being a confident presenter making an impact wherever you go, this is the book for you. It sets out simple-to-follow steps that will make the transformation easy and even fun.

'Stepping Into You’ takes you on a journey that begins with you, showing you how to discover your unique personal brand and get crystal clear on what YOU want, so that you can market you and your business all the way to success.

"This is not just another book about personal branding. Gwyneth goes into the psychology behind what may be getting in your way. Working on your mindset first and then the 'How To' of personal branding. What a great resource this is!"

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My passion is to use emotional intelligence to create brilliance, helping you to take ownership of your skills, your strengths and your personal brand so that you build strong working relationships everywhere. 


I'll teach you how to promote and market yourself as the fabulous being that you are, be that for a job interview, or a pitch for a consultancy contract, or even if you just want to show up at networking events as a confident, self-assured person that others love listening to. 

And if it's a workshop you're after to strengthen the communications within your multi-cultural team, helping your colleagues to work inter-dependently and take ownership of their contribution, you can find outlines for my most popular training and learning days by completing your details here

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