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If you're working for an international organization your main focus will likely be making the world a safer place.


BUT what are you doing to help yourself because if you want to continue to develop professionally, get a promotion or even work independently as a consultant, you're going to have to be able to market yourself with confidence!


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My passion is to use emotional intelligence to create brilliance, helping you to take ownership of your skills, your strengths and your personal brand so that you build strong working relationships everywhere. 


I'll teach you how to promote and market yourself as the fabulous being that you are, be that for a job interview, or a pitch for a consultancy contract, or even if you just want to show up at networking events as a confident, self-assured person that others love listening to. 

And if it's a workshop you're after to strengthen the communications within your multi-cultural team, helping your colleagues to work inter-dependently and take ownership of their contribution, you can find outlines for my most popular training and learning days by completing your details here

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