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My Mission

To empower you to build your brand and transform your wealth mindset so that you take inspired action and achieve more of your goals and potential.

To help you to upgrade your knowledge and skills a
nd to remember your inherent genius, beauty and true self-worth.

To show you how to release your self-doubt and fears, your limiting beliefs, or your lack of confidence so that you realise your vision and dreams faster and easier than ever before because life is too precious to move in incremental steps.

Be fab-you-lous and then be even more fab-you-lous, because you are.

Trust Her - It Works!

Natalia signed up to my VIP Career Breakthrough Coaching Package because she wanted to re-brand and re-position herself professionally, and when she took the Branding With Archetypes® Assessment she revealed incredible potential that she hadn't previously paid attention to.  This is what she said:

"... Open yourself for great opportunities! Gwyneth is an amazing talented woman and a true Master coach who can promptly assess your needs, ignite your motivation and help you to look inwards in order to go onwards and upwards.


She empowers brilliance, offers wealth of experience in personal branding and applies innovative coaching techniques to inspire and guide you through your journey of career breakthrough and beyond. Trust her - it works!"

Natalia Fomina

Who We Work With

Motivated leaders who are committed to making a difference

People with a high degree of personal integrity, drive and commitment

People who understand the value of expert professionals

People wiling to invest in themselves for the long-term

People who expect an elite coach who will challenge them to get out of their own way 

People who want results!

If that's you, we'd love to know more about your vision and book a time for us to speak today: 

Choose a Time For Us To Talk Here

Angela Maxfield, Busines Development Officer, Nova Innovation

VIP Career Branding: 60-Days to Clarity and Confidence

I've never had a very conventional career path, but have enjoyed many different jobs. At the end of 2021 I found myself in transition, having relocated 'home' after a long period of living abroad, feeling pretty lost and unsure of what I wanted to do next.


With Gwyneth's help, I was able to identify and better understand the common threads which, for me, ignite passion and spark joy within the jobs I've had, which gave me confidence to say no thanks to a job that wasn't right... and since then amazing things are happening!


I am now in a completely new career that I love and suits me to a tee, and have a much clearer idea of who I am and what I can achieve! I wholeheartedly recommend working with Gwyneth - this experience has quite literally changed my life!

GEL Headshot NEW_2.jpg

Who's the face behind Feelgood Coaching and Consulting?


Gwyneth is an Award-Winning Coach and Branding Strategist, Author and Speaker who has helped thousands of professionals build powerful personal brands that open doors to new opportunities.


Born in England, she spent more than 20 years working for international organizations throughout Europe and the Balkans, being a part of, building and managing, and sometimes drawing down multicultural teams. 

With a background in management, marketing and human resources, Gwyneth has a unique understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence in building a successful brand and career. She also brings in-depth insights on complex workplace challenges and the dynamics created by culturally diverse teams. 


Through her consulting business and her popular workshops, Gwyneth offers practical advice and strategies for building a brand that stands out in today’s competitive job market. With her guidance, professionals at all levels can develop the skills they need to stand out, advance their careers, and achieve their goals,


Find out more about how Gwyneth could help you with coaching, workshops and other online learning by sending your request via email


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