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In times of uncertainty, training can be a FABULOUS motivator for some people because it helps them to focus on what's important instead of worrying about things over which they have no influence.  Group training online can maintain working relationships and strengthen team culture, even when no-one's at the office.


Because of currently worldwide travel restrictions I am offering an alternative package for workshops using the online system ‘Zoom’. 


As you'll see in the short video I recorded, Zoom is the closest I can get to having one-to-one conversations in a group setting whilst allowing group interaction for discussions and role play exercises, and is fully secure.  No software download is necessary and participants can easily connect using their internet browser. Workshops have been adapted and split into 90-minute sessions to accommodate those working from home.

You're still getting all the value of the content I provide in a face to face workshop, and this new, environmentally friendly option also means that you’re not paying for travel and other expenses. The all-inclusive investment for a 90-minute online training session for a group of 15 participants is €297.

Book a time for us to talk on Zoom so that I can show you how this

online option can work for you.

Gwyneth Letherbarrow MBA

Award-Winning Professional Development Coach

Personal Branding Strategist, Speaker and Author

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DOWNLOAD a whole stack of tips and advice for working from home HERE

A few of my favourite websites and apps:

for video calls with friends and family/online classes/conference calls

Keep your little(and not so little) ones busy learning from real live scientists on Skype

An app to download on your 'phone or laptop/tablet for you to have virtual dinner parties or anything else 



How To Stay On Track And Stay Motivated

A lot of people are currently facing uncertainty at the prospect of having to work from home and wondering how on earth they're going to manage to stay focused and motivated.  And let's face it, the circumstances surrounding these temporary changes aren't exactly thrilling.


Now if you're the type of person who thrives when left well alone, then this definitely isn't for you.


But if you'd like loads of practical tips and advice to help you stay on top of your work and your life instead of feeling overwhelmed and pessimistic, watch the webinar NOW.


During our 45-minutes together you will:

✔️ Discover how to easily bring routine into your day

✔️ Learn how to limit feelings of isolation

✔️ Find out how to keep focused and shut out distractions

In between times, stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home and stay fabulous!

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Stepping Into You

The Blueprint To Nail Your Personal Brand and Market Yourself Magnificently

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  • Do you hate having to market yourself when pitching for business?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself to strangers and end up selling yourself short?

  • Or maybe you just don’t know where to start with building a personal brand?

Make no mistake.  You already have a personal brand, and in a world where the majority of people are on the social media stage, it would be foolish to leave things to chance.

As a Personal Branding Strategist and Professional Development Coach, the #1 challenge that Gwyneth helps her clients with is to talk about themselves with ease so that they can market themselves with confidence.

If you are ready to begin the transformation from feeling sick and panic-stricken when you have to talk about yourself to being a confident presenter making an impact wherever you go, this is the book for you. It sets out simple-to-follow steps that will make the transformation easy and even fun.

'Stepping Into You’ takes you on a journey that begins with you, showing you how to discover your unique personal brand and get crystal clear on what YOU want, so that you can market you and your business all the way to success.

"This is not just another book about personal branding. Gwyneth goes into the psychology behind what may be getting in your way. Working on your mindset first and then the 'How To' of personal branding. What a great resource this is!"

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My passion is to use emotional intelligence to create brilliance, helping you to take ownership of your skills, your strengths and your personal brand so that you market yourself with confidence and build strong working relationships everywhere. 


I'll teach you how to promote and market yourself as the fabulous being that you are, be that for a job interview, or a pitch for a consultancy contract, or even if you just want to show up at networking events as a confident, self-assured person that others love listening to. 

And if it's a workshop you're after to strengthen the communications within your multi-cultural team, helping your colleagues to work inter-dependently and take ownership of their contribution, please let me know when it would be a good time to talk.

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