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How Do I Present Myself on Video?

This is one of the questions I receive most frequently from people preparing for interview, or a video conference or presentation. As with many other things, talking to a camera is a skill that can be learned, just like when you had to learn how to read and write or tie your shoelaces. The problem is that most of us are brought up being told that we shouldn't spend too much time looking at ourselves in the mirror, or admire photographs of ourselves, because to do so is considered to be vain. And when we're told to not think too much of ourselves, that feeling can have an impact on what we think we can and can't do.

Being able to talk to a camera has less to do with your level of IQ though, and more to do with the fact that you are simply not used to seeing yourself on screen. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about because I was shaking in my boots when I did my first YouTube video, and I shook even more the first time I did a 'live' video on Facebook.

So start off by doing these three things:

  1. Work out what it is you want to say before you start talking - preparation is absolutely critical.

  2. Create a structure made up of bullet points for your topic(s). If you try and memorise every single word you'll be more likely to make a mistake, and you'll come across as being unnatural.

  3. Practise talking to yourself in the mirror (or to the wall or to your dog) so that you get used to the sound of your own voice.

And watch this video that I recorded a few months ago (on the subject of video interviews) with lots of other ideas about what to do to make sure that you come across as professional every time you hit the record button.

Until next time, stay safe, and stay fabulous!


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