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VIP Half-Day Intensive

Is this you?


  • You keep thinking, “Do I have the right niche?!” but you’re not sure how to manage your time and energy to make sure that you stay on track


  • You crave having a brand that captures your unique spirit, personality and passion, positioning you to powerfully stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd


  • You feel in your heart that your mindset about money could definitely benefit from a makeover …

 We will be donating 20% of our profits in 2022 in equal amounts to UNICEF and CARITAS.

Thank you.

In a hurry? Book your VIP Half-Day Intensive and
Master Your Money Mindset, or Build Your Brand, or Nail Your Niche

I know that you’re wanting to grow your vision because your dream is to impact the lives of others, work from your zone of genius and feel excited that you’re creating wealth in a way that lights up the magic inside of you.


And what you’re seeking now is for all the puzzle pieces to easily fall into place so you can reach your goals and achieve your dream without waiting any longer ...

Start now with one of these fabulous VIP Half-Day Intensives

Money Mindset Mastery


Are you ready to remove money blocks, create a new, empowering money story and own your worth? Coaching together, we’ll create a fresh, empowering success mindset for you — shifting your beliefs and actions in the process — so you quickly begin creating new and exciting results in your business.


Take a look at what we’ll coach on:


  • Release limiting money beliefs and transform the negative self-talk that has held you back from achieving your full potential

  • Create an unshakeable ‘Premium State of Mind’ so you begin confidently charging what you’re worth 

  • Create your new, empowering money story so you can begin making changes within yourself and powerfully claim your worth 

  • Begin discovering the value of your work so you can free yourself from undercharging or over delivering 

Branding with Archetypes®


There’s a unique part of you that many people mistakenly believe they have to hold back. Coaching together, you’ll discover your Brand Archetype, which unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client-attraction and opportunity magnet.


Take a look at what we’ll coach on:


  • Discover your Brand Archetype, which perfectly captures your spirit, personality and passion, transforming YOU into an authentic brand you can instantly use to launch this exciting new direction in your professional future

  • Confidently choose your website design and images, write attention- getting emails, marketing copy and  material (even if you're not a writer!)

  • Identify your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions

Niche Breakthrough Secrets®


Are you ready to discover your authentic, lucrative niche so that you can attract and keep more ideal clients? Revealing your niche is surprisingly easy with the simple steps I’ll coach you through. 


Take a look at what we’ll coach on:


  •  Quickly get out of "niche overwhelm" so you can start attracting new clients with freedom, clarity and confidence


  • Reveal your most lucrative niche (it's often hidden gold and I'll coach you through an exciting process to discover it so you can rapidly begin increasing your income and open up new opportunities to thrive)


  • Instantly determine if your niche is "hot or not", saving you time and effort so you can achieve your goals this year

  • Create an authentic marketing message (you'll love the template I’ll coach you through that teases out the right words for you to use)

Why would you sign up for this?

" I have really enjoyed working with you on both the 1:1 VIP Intensive and the brand audit.  I have felt at ease when we speak and have appreciated your style and approach in your coaching – easygoing, honest, practical and, at times, pushing me to think outside my comfort zone ...


I feel a lot more confident that my audience and potential clients have a better understanding of what I do and what I offer in terms of services and outcomes!"

Vicki Prais B&W Finals-0744.jpg

Vicki Prais

Human Rights Lawyer LLB, LLM


Imagine waking up in the morning feeling fabulous and filled with confidence because you're the owner of a life-changing business creating wealth from a place of integrity - 


How much would that be worth to you?

Trailblazer, Changemaker or Soulful Innovator -

Give your business the vitality it deserves,

give your clients the clarity they need to be able to say yes to your offer,

join me for the VIP Half-Day Intensive of your choice


Money Mindset Mastery


Branding With Archetypes®


Niche Breakthrough Secrets®


Money Mindset Mastery


Branding With Archetypes®


Niche Breakthrough Secrets®


PS: When you enrol in my transformational Radiate Coaching Programme within six months from the date of purchase of your VIP Half-Day Intensive your investment will be deductible from the full programme cost.


If you'd like to know more about how to get started with Radiate Coaching Programme and find out whether we're a good fit for each other please book a time for us to talk here:

Terms and conditions:

Please note that your VIP Half-Day must be booked and completed within 90-days of your payment.  Please also note that there are no refunds. 

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