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Let me ask you a few questions –


1.        Do you feel bad about succeeding in business because so many of those around you are being negatively impacted as a result of the Pandemic?


2.       Do you find yourself having internal conversations about your ability to succeed as a woman entrepreneur?


3.       Do you have days when you’re so tired that you wonder how much harder you’ll have to work to get the results you want?


This short eBook contains three of the money mindset hacks (aka exercises) that I use with my business coaching clients because I have never met a woman entrepreneur who felt comfortable with what she was charging for her products or services, and as for having a sales conversation ...

Discover why you must revisit your WHY if you want to stay motivated

Uncover your money story so that you can begin to release the rubbish

Create a NEW money story that will serve to help you achieve your income goals

Your money mindset is going to require constant attention because your inner critic will do its best to take you back to where you were.  So whenever you’re not sure about whether you can commit to the changes, ask yourself this question: How will I feel if nothing has changed in six months or a year? 

Despite the Pandemic and the hardship that so many are feeling, I sincerely believe that it is going to be people such as yourself who rebuild economies and communities.  The only way out of where you think you are right now is forwards.

Give yourself permission to be amazing during every waking hour of every day.  Remember too that you will be judged regardless of what you do, so why not just get on with building the business that you dream of.

What have you got to lose ... ?

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