Are you fed up with sending job applications and

never being invited for interview? 

Do you know how to paint a picture of yourself

on your CV so that it’s noticed? 

Had you considered that your job application or CV

has the potential to influence your entire future career and life?


Applying for a job is by no means a simple matter, but with some reflection of who you are and careful preparation, you will be able to improve your chances of getting to interview.


The ‘New Job, New You’ is a proven online programme containing video presentations covering an introduction and three modules of work that take you through the entire process of reaching your career goals. 

​EUR 295 (+20% vat)




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Raiffeisen Bank Perg, Austria

IBAN: AT74 3477 7000 0813 1120


I know this won't be for everyone, because some of you will be contented with sending off the same application to lots of places, knowing that at some point you'll get lucky.


But if you want your application to be noticed sooner rather than later, and you're prepared to answer some important questions, you are most certainly in the right place!

  • Module One focuses on what you want and who you are, helping you to create your own brand.

  • Module Two builds on your learning from the first module and moves you towards deciding what sort of job you want and in which environment.

  • Module Three brings everything together and is split into two parts, showing you how to put together your CV or application, and cover/motivation letter.

  • You will receive a workbook to download, and a copy of my eBook on CV writing.

  • A 30 minute one-to-one coaching session via Skype to help you identify your career goals.

​EUR 295 (+ 20% vat)





This online programme is the culmination of over 20 years of experience, so I've already done all the hard work for you!

Here's what's on offer:

  • Easy access to the members' area where you can watch the videos at any time.

  • A workbook that includes all the exercises to accompany the learning in the videos.

  • Unlimited access to these online learning materials as well as any upgrades to the programme

  • FREE Lifetime membership in the Closed Facebook Group 'New Job New You'

  • The pdf version of my book 'New Job New You (CV Writing)


​EUR 354 (incl. 20% vat)




I'm looking forward to welcoming you to a magical community of people committed to creating the reality that they want and deserve, the future that YOU deserve.