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You have a choice of coaching packages depending on whether you're looking for job support, strengthening your management and leadership skills, or clarity for your career.


Job Support:  

Who is this for?  If you are looking for support to create an application that is going to get you to interview or even give you a confidence boost so that you feel comfortable talking about yourself, the ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ coaching package is what you're looking for.    Make no mistake, if you want to get ahead of the competition, the best day to start preparing for your next interview is today, even if you don't know when that interview will be.

This package is not a shortcut and I won't be writing your CV for you, nor giving you standard interview answers for you to memorise because you are unique and have an individual approach to your work.

I'll send you guidance and exercises in the form of my two eBooks ‘Interviews and Videos’ and ‘New Job New You’ to help you begin your preparation.  Both books include easy to follow steps that clients from all over the world have already used to learn how to define their personal brand and market themselves with confidence.


New Job New You will help you focus on what it is you really want, because if the job vacancy you're considering doesn't excite you, it's unlikely that you'll have the necessary motivation to produce a stunning application.  Interviews and Videos takes you through the interview preparation process and includes the ten most commonly asked interview questions because it won’t be the technical questions that you have a problem with, rather those where you are asked to talk about yourself, and how you approach your work (not what you do).


In addition to the eBooks you will receive a skills matrix document that will help you to clarify your strengths and skills, which you will then match up with work examples so that you can make your application form relevant to the job description.  This document will also form the basis of your competency-based interview answers.  

You will receive unlimited email back-up from me from the time we start work together up until the time we meet so that you can send through your ideas and questions for feedback and review.  When you're ready your 60-minute online coaching session will help you polish your presentation, practise your interview questions so that you are comfortable and confident with your answers, and make sure that you are ready to stand out and impress.   


Your investment for this package is US$ 370.00 (incl. vat), payable in advance either by bank transfer or credit card after which you will receive everything you need to begin, as well as direct access to my calendar to arrange your coaching session.

Online coaching hours: Monday to Thursday between 09:00 and 18:00




Who is this for?  If you’re taking over responsibility for a new team or working with a team where change is taking place (for example new members of staff are coming in or a reduction in staff numbers) then you’ll need to work not only on yourself to support your colleagues, but also to strengthen the team as a whole.


This package will give you the tools to keep everything on track and during our four, 60-minute coaching sessions we’ll focus on finding practical solutions to all your management and leadership questions.


But doing this type of professional development in isolation can result in your team wondering what happened, particularly if they’re used to another type of management style, and you shouldn’t under-estimate the impact this might have, for example them losing trust in you and confidence in themselves. 


This is why when you feel comfortable with your plan of action, I will work with you to design and deliver a one-day team workshop with the aim of creating an open and honest working ethic, encouraging inter-dependence instead of independence, and strengthening the performance of your team. We'll help your team to prepare by asking them to undertake a personal SWOT analysis and some short pre-workshop homework.


To ensure momentum and at the same time to allow you enough opportunity to achieve your personal goals, the management and leadership development package is spread out over a period of three months.


Please book a time for us to speak here so that I can provide you with everything you need (please specify if you would prefer me to call you on the 'phone).

Your investment is US$ 2700 + vat (plus flights if applicable and other expenses to be agreed in writing in advance), 50 per cent payable in advance and 50 per cent within seven days of workshop delivery.


Career Clarity Call 

My clients tell me that I can see right inside of them, that I can discover what it is they want to do with laser-like precision, that if they had found me earlier they would have followed a completely different career path years ago … 🚀


So if you knew that I could help you to plan your next career steps within 30-minutes, why would you spend another day (week, month … ?) wondering whether it’s the right time to move?

🏆 How would it feel if you loved Sunday evenings because you were looking forward to Monday morning?

🏆 How would it feel to be doing work that was totally aligned with your innermost values?

🏆 How would it feel to be working with people who valued your contribution?

Let me help you discover your passion so that you don't waste another minute doubting what your future holds.

Your investment is US$ 127 and you can access my calendar directly to choose a convenient time for us to talk when you book your 30-minute Career Clarity Call HERE

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