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Radiate Business Builder

Is this you?


  • You keep thinking, “Do I need to work harder to get results?” but you’re not sure how to manage your time and energy to make sure that you stay on track because there are other life commitments yelling for your attention


  • You keep asking yourself "Will people even want to pay for what I have to offer" and rather than sticking to a plan you keep changing your mind about what to do next


  • You feel in your heart that it's time to step up and share your gift with the world, but you're not getting the support from the people closest to you ...

Been there, done that, and got a fabulous t-shirt in the process!

I know that you’re wanting to grow your business because your dream is to help and impact the lives of others, work from your zone of genius and feel excited that you’re creating wealth in a lucrative business that lights up the magic inside of you.


And what you’re seeking now is for all the puzzle pieces to easily fall into place so you can reach your goals and achieve your dream without waiting any longer ...

Let's be clear. You don't have to reinvent the wheel.  People just like you have been building busiensses for a very long time and the 'how to' already exists.  You also don't need to be working 40, 60 or even 80 hours each week to make ends meet!

I've learned that where most business owners come unstuck is with their lack of planning, commitment and consistency.  I've also learned that building a business can leave you feeling lonelier than you ever thought possible.

In 2022 it is my intention to actively encourage women to take their first steps to time freedom, to financial freedom, and to help them find the confidence within themselves to uplevel and implement their business ideas.

If that's you, let me help you to stay accountable and cheer you on every step of the way because I've been working on making this EASY for you to say YES to YOUR SUCCESS ...

Option One


Meet me and other women business owners you in my private Zoom Room for monthly LIVE money tracking and planning coaching calls when we'll be using the Fabulous Feelgood Business planner to help you create and track your income and marketing goals for the next month.

You'll also have access to the online private Fabulous Feelgood Business Planner Group so that you can get your questions answered in between our calls.

  • Get coaching around all your business questions so that you get your answers fast

  • Enjoy the peer-to-peer support

  • Prepare to be challenged and encouraged to set the bar higher each month

This type of group mastermind is an invaluable resource for any business owner and I promise you that you'll achieve more in these 60-minutes together than you would in three hours on your own.

We meet in my Zoom Room on the last Thursday of every month at 1pm Central Europe (12pm UK).

And if you don't yet have the Fabulous Feelgood Business Planner for 2022 you can sign up for it HERE

Option Two


Each month you'll unlock a new training module so that you can build your business easily and professionally without getting stuck or going into overwhelm!

Subscribe for 12 months and get one month FREE!

January - Branding

  • How to choose your colours and fonts

  • Creating a style guide so that your branding stays consistent

  • Choosing a logo that makes you feel good

Februrary - How To Enrol New Clients

  • Stop selling and start connecting - your Sales Script Structure

  • How to identify your ideal client

  • How to set up a referral system that works like clockwork

March - Building Your Email List

  • Everything you need to know about data protection and customer management

  • Discover which platform will work best for you

  • Creating content to keep your clients and customers engaged

April - Building Your Website

  • How to create the four pages you must have for your online presence

  • Basic search engine optimization (SEO)

  • How to choose your website platform

May - Time Management Systems

  • Start working towards time freedom from today

  • Options for automated appointments/online calendars

  • Time-saving tips and advice to streamline your marketing and messaging

June - Using Video To Grow Your Business

  • Setting up and creating video content

  • Going LIVE on YouTube, Facebook and your website

  • How to keep your video content safe

July - How To Set Up An Online Event

  • Step-by-step outline for a successful webinar or masterclass

  • Discover when to sell (and not)

  • Pick the best platform for your audience

August - Payment Systems

  • Setting up a subscription model

  • Setting up online payments so that your clients can pay you easily

  • Setting up offline/in person payments (also so that your clients can pay you easily!)

September-  Creating Your Signature Statement

  • Develop your Signature Statement to stay consistent

  • Learn how to speak about yourself without feeling shy or uncomfortable

  • Adapt your signature statement for online and offline introductions/events


October - Lead Magnets

  • Discover which types of content are most attractive to your audience

  • Learn how to create something of great value without spending hours of your precious time

  • Find out when and where you must provide free content


November - Social Media

  • The pitfalls and advantages of social media

  • A brief tour of the main players

  • Creating a LinkedIn profile

December - How To Set Up An Offline Event

  • Tips and advice about location and room booking

  • Why joint ventures can be a lucrative partnership

  • Step-by-step time plan for one-, two-, or three-day events

Option Three

Sign up to the monthly LIVE money tracking and planning coaching calls AND the Radiate Business Incubator and watch your business grow every month whilst saving yourself time and money! Simply choose the Business Builder Option below.

Pink suncress new.png

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling fabulous and excited about the positive impact you're having on others because you're the owner of a business that changes lives whilst creating wealth from a place of integrity - 


How much would that be worth to you?

Which one will you choose?

Money Tracking

and Planning

LIVE Group Coaching

€127 monthly

Business Incubator

(Monthly Modules)

€97 monthly

Business Builder

(Both Packages)


€177 monthly

Be Fab-YOU-lous, because you are!

PS: When you enrol in my transformational Radiate Coaching Programme within six months from the date of your initial subscription your investment will be deductible from the full programme cost.


If you'd like to know more about how to get started with Radiate Coaching Programme and find out whether we're a good fit for each other please book a time for us to talk now:

Terms and conditions:

  • If you choose the monthly subscription you may cancel at any time. The monthly payment is taken in full every 30 days from registration begin.

  • Please only choose the best value options that run for 12 months if you are committed to investing in yourself and your business.

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