You have a personal brand whether you like it or not,

because someone else will judge you within seconds of

seeing your profile photograph on Facebook, or the lack of one on LinkedIn -

so why wouldn't you take control of your image and use it to your advantage?

The Basics

Nail your personal brand and

market yourself magnificently!

  • Discover the exact image that you want to promote to potential employers and businesses

  • Feel comfortable with promoting your skills

  • Show up online with confidence, getting noticed for the right reasons

  • Introduce yourself when networking, quickly and with conviction

  • Know what steps you need to take to continue everything you have achieved here

The Basics Package is made up of an online workbook for you to download, and five videos which you will have unlimited access to.   You'll receive one lesson (video) in your inbox each day for five days.

  • Identify the top skills you have that make up your personal brand

  • Discover who you want to work with, and why you must not compromise your values

  • Create your business profile for LinkedIn

  • Learn the art of storytelling

  • Kickstart your personal marketing strategy

All for just EUR 197 (incl. vat)

Remember to check your inbox each day for your videos.  Sometimes messages can end up in the spam or junk folder, so if you haven't received anything, please check there too.  And if you still haven't received your first video and workbook, send me an email and I'll get it sorted.

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