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(Taking the Sleaze Out Of Sales)

Hey there you FABULOUS Trail Blazer, Vision Maker, or Soulful Innovator

How's business?  Are you doing enough to look after YOU and not just focusing on the external stuff?


I know you're really busy so won't take up too much of your time - BUT ...


If there’s one investment in you that is going to pay off time and time again, it’s you being able to have a sales conversation that converts.


So just imagine how much more confident and relaxed you’re going to feel when you’re prepped to successfully handle any objections, when you know how to help your prospect focus on why they came to you in the first place, and when you sell from a place of integrity without feeling salesy or pushy.


Which is why I want to give you the opportunity to enrol in my BLACK FRIDAY deal, giving you the Sales Conversations Blueprint AND a 30-minute 1:1 sales coaching session and where I’ll help you to put together a sales script that is right for YOU.

The Sales Conversation Blueprint is for you if:

  • You're fed up with feeling rubbish when you ask someone to pay you

  • You've tried everything under the sun and you still feel as though you're winging it every time

  • You want to feel confident and help your client see the real value of your offer so that you can charge what you're worth


What’s included in the Sales Conversations Blueprint?


How To Prep Your Mindset: Manage your mindset and energy before you start any conversation, any social media post, any plan for a new offer so that you connect with your prospects on an emotional level.  Re-discover your passion for your service or product so that your enthusiasm does the selling for you.


Framing Your Sales Conversation: Help your potential client or customer to clarify why they want to work with/shop with you and learn how to use story-telling to reinforce the benefit behind the benefit of your service of product.


Red Flags/Objections And How To Handle Them: Help your prospect get over any doubts about their investment with you so that they can give you a clear yes.


PLUS: Advice and tips about time limiters and bonuses, as well as a list of words and phrases for you to adapt and use to truly take the sleaze out of sales and take ownership of your sales process.


And your investment?

Only EUR 147 (incl. VAT)

How do you know that this will work?

Because the very first time that Vicki Prais (Consultant and Lawyer) used the script that we developed for her, she was totally thrilled to sign up her first paying client.  And this wasn’t just Vicki having tried out other stuff before, this was an amazing woman who had NEVER had a sales conversation in her life!


That’s how powerful this blueprint is …


And it’s yours for this small investment of only EUR 147 (incl. VAT).  Simply complete your details here and very soon you'll feel back in control of your sales.

Stay safe, stay healthy and as ever, stay fab-you-lous!

With love

Gwyneth xx

YES! Sign Me Up Now So That I Feel Fabulous
Every Time I Ask Someone To Pay Me!


Place your order now for only EUR 147 incl. VAT

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