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2pm on Wednesday, 16 November 2022

(Central European Summer Time - Vienna, Rome, Berlin)

Personal Branding For
Stunning Career Success

Do you feel as though you could be doing much more but that others don't see your potential because they have labelled you with your job title at work?

Have you wondered about taking the leap from a G to a P position, or higher, or even leaving the 9 to 5 completely, and you're still wondering ... ?

Have you resigned yourself to the fact that you're just going to have to put up with what you've got because you're too tired and demotivated to do anything else?

At some point you're going to have to stop hoping that others will suddenly acknowledge your brilliance and that you get that you get that promotion that has been promised for so long, because I'm betting that in reality there's a part of you that is waiting for someone else to work it all out for you. Speaking up for yourself, giving an honest opinion or saying no to someone can result in you feeling very vulnerable.



doubting your potential and ability by chaining yourself to the past because  you  are NOT hardwired to be a certain way and science shows that you have unlimited potential to tap into, if you would just stop clinging to the familiar!

So if you're ready to reveal the fabulous you to you and the rest of the world, register for the

Personal Branding For Stunning Career Success Workshop

because as you already know,  if you keep doing what you've always done,

you're setting yourself up for getting the same old results.


Your Signature And

Influencing Archetypes That Will Help You Make That All-Important Mindset Shift

How To Establish Your Authority As The Authentic You So That You Feel Confident In Your Ability To Be Seen And Heard

How To Unleash Your

Career Potential Because Taking Action Is the Best Way To Succeed

There are just a couple of places left because I want to ensure you get EVERYTHING you need to take the next steps towards a fabulous professional future

1.  When you complete the sign up process you'll receive an email with the link giving you instant access to the Branding With Archetypes® Assessment (VALUE EUR 197), together with guidance about how to complete the questions so that you're perfectly prepared for the workshop.

2.  During the workshop I'll be revealing the strengths and challenges for each of the Archetypes, giving you indepth insights into what has been holding you back, and what needs to happen for you to pull yourself forwards

3.  You'll also receive a beautiful workbook to download and keep with detailed guidance about how you can begin to build and strengthen your brand.

You  will also receive these fabulous BONUSES:


- Stepping into You Online Training Programme that you can refer to time and again. Where are your red lines? Where are you willing to compromise? Where have you allowed others to limit your success? Value EUR 197

- Electronic version of the book 'Stepping into You'

- Interviews and Videos Online Training Programme which gives you EVERYTHING you need to prepare for a fabulous interview using my time-proven method which will teach you how to talk about yourself with confidence at your next interview Value EUR 197


Your investment is just EUR 97 (per person) so don't wait too long to confirm your place because there are just eight spots available.

Still not sure?

Natalia signed up to my VIP Career Breakthrough Coaching Package because she wanted to move from GS to a P position and when she took the Branding With Archetypes® Assessment she revealed incredible potential that she hadn't previously paid attention to.  This is what she said:

"... It has been an exciting journey towards self-awareness that went far beyond my initial “fine-tuning” job search goals.  I gained clarity, deep understanding and appreciation of emotional intelligence, and confidence to achieve my true potential.

I am letting go of “playing it safe approach” and setting a new intention for a new personal and professional reality...


... It’s been a transformational experience: not only I made that leap of faith from G to P but most importantly I opened myself up to much greater opportunities. Gwyneth helped me to unleash my inner courage which in turn triggered confidence and commitment to achieve more than I previously hoped for."

Natalia Fomina

This workshop IS for you if

You feel that there's an opportunity beckoning and are no longer willing to compromise your happiness

You're prepared to acknowledge what's not working, to release the old and re-write the new

You're ready to connect to your authentic self, your inner briliance and to step up to your potential

This workshop is NOT for you if


You're not prepared to invest in your future

You blame others for your lack of vision or progress

You're already thinking of all the reasons why working on your brand is a waste of time

Sign Up DMM
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Use THIS LINK or scan the QR code above to confirm your place


After you have submitted your payment details using my secure system you'll be re-directed to another page asking you to submit your name and email address so that I can give you access to the Branding With Archetypes® Assessment.

To protect you and me from spammers I use a double opt-in registration system and if my email asking for your confirmation isn't in your inbox momentarily please remember to check your junk/spam folders. If you don't confirm you won't receive the email with the assessment or additional details for the workshop.  

Are you a Ruler, Alchemist, Hero, Sage, Explorer or Humanitarian?

Your branding impacts everything you do. How you market yourself, how you price your services, and how much you allow yourself to earn and receive.

The Branding With Archetypes Assessment®  is going to take all the guess work out of you creating a brand that resonates with the core of who you are and those you work with because when you use this powerful tool you will learn how to stay true to your innermost values and understand what you need to create spiritual fulfilment and financial success. 

Presented by Gwyneth Letherbarrow MBA

Join me, Gwyneth, Award-Winning Branding Strategist, Coach, Author and Speaker for this workshop on Career Branding With Archetypes, which will leave you feeling fabulous about yourself.   

Born in England, I spent 25 years working throughout Europe and the Balkans, building, managing and sometimes closing down multi-cultural teams within the UN system.

Graduating with my MBA coincided with me losing my job in 2011 and since then I've learned pretty much everything there is to know about personal branding and self-promotion because if you can't talk about yourself with confidence you're never going to achieve your full potential.



Since establishing Feelgood Coaching and Consulting in 2013 I've also qualififed as a Personal Performance Coach and as a Money Breakthrough Business Coach because I love helping my clients achieve their goals way faster than I did.  It has been an absolute privilege for me to provide specialist consultancy services, online training and workshops, as well as private coaching to 1000's of people from all over the world.  Teaching emotional intelligence to create brilliance I've helped them to discover their own brand so that they transform the way that they work with others, and market and promote themselves, so if you're ready to blaze your trail, please do get in touch!


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