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1pm on Thursday, 26 October 2023

(Central European Summer Time - Vienna, Rome, Berlin)

Branding for Career Brilliance

Ignite your Leadership Journey

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads in your leadership journey, facing challenges and uncertainties that left you wondering if you're truly living up to your potential?


If so, you're not alone.


Many remarkable women, just like you, have navigated similar struggles, and we're here to tell you that your potential is boundless. 

Now read on, because this is for you  ... 

Join visionary women like yourself on October 26th at 1 PM (CET) for the Branding for Brilliance Masterclass: Ignite Your Leadership Journey!” This online masterclass is designed exclusively for you, offering a unique opportunity to embark on a powerful and transformative journey. 

Branding for Career Brilliance

because if you keep doing what you've always done,

you're setting yourself up for getting the same old results.

In this transformative masterclass, we will dive deep into the essence of leadership–authenticity.


You are the pioneer of your path, and your authenticity is the catalyst for success.


Discover the freedom that comes from leading with your true self.


Break through barriers and energize your leadership with the power of your genuine essence. 


But there's more to discover because your charisma is a superpower, waiting to be harnessed with confidence. Learn how to inspire and drive transformation in those you lead.  And as you harness your inner power, you'll see how to transform your visions into actionable plans. 

The impact you make on your organization and the lives you touch is immeasurable. That's why this masterclass is not just important—it's essential. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and leadership growth. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your leadership and your life. Secure your spot now, and let's begin your transformation! 

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped

Tony Robbins

This masterclass IS for you if

You feel stuck and deep down you know that it's time to take decisive action because otherwise life ends up being one big compromise

You're prepared to acknowledge what's not working, to release the old and re-write the new

You're ready to be challenged to connect to your inner briliance and step up to your potential

This masterclass is NOT for you if


You're expecting someone else to take your decisions for you

You blame others for your lack of vision or progress

You're already thinking of all the reasons why this workshop won't change anything for you

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Please also NOTE that this event will NOT BE RECORDED 

Presented by Gwyneth Letherbarrow MBA

Join Gwyneth, Award-Winning Branding Strategist and Certified Money Breakthrough Coach, Author and Speaker for this masterclass on Branding for Career Briliance that will leave you feeling fabulous about yourself.   

Born in England, Gwyneth spent 25 years working throughout Europe and the Balkans, building, managing and sometimes closing down multi-cultural teams within the UN system.

After gaining her MBA and qualifying as a coach, she established her own consultancy based on her understanding and experience of complex workplace challenges.  Since 2013 she has provided specialist consultancy services, online training, and workshops all over the world to help people working in an international  environment discover their personal brand and transform the way that they  work with others, market and promote themselves. 


 If there's a trailblazer inside of you waiting to get out, please do get in touch!

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