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at 2pm on the first Wednesday of every month
(Central European Time - Vienna, Rome, Berlin)

Build Your Brand and Mindset
Using Emotional Intelligence to Build Brilliance  -
For Leaders In The Not-For-Profit Sector


If you want different results you're going to have do things differently so if

you're wondering about how to stop wasting your precious time on this planet, 

if you're ready to invest in you and do what it takes,

join me for 60-minutes on the first Wednesday of every month where I'll be giving you

the tools and insights to build your brand and transform your mindset

so that you take inspired action and achieve more of your goals and potential faster.


Employee to Business Owner

Do you have what it takes?


Discover the key mindset shifts required to transition from employee to

business owner


Uncover the essential skills needed to start and grow a successful business


Learn how to build a support system that will help you succeed as a business owner

These masterclasses are for you if

You feel that there's an opportunity beckoning and are no longer willing to compromise your happiness

You're prepared to acknowledge what's not working, to release the old and re-write the new

You're ready to be challenged to connect to your inner briliance and step up to your potential

These masterclasses are NOT for you if


You think that it's up to someone else to sort things for you

In the past two minutes you've thought of five or more reasons why your life will never change

You'd rather stay put because at least you know where you stand

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IMPORTANT: To protect you and me from spammers I use a double opt-in registration system and if it isn't in your inbox please remember to check your junk/spam folders for my email asking you to CONFIRM your details.  If you don't confirm you won't receive the email with additional details for the masterclass.  

Calendar of workshops

Wednesday, 1 February          

Branding for Brilliance

Wednesday, 1 March

Meditation and Mindfulness for Wellbeing at Work

Wednesday, 5 April

From Employee to Business Owner – Is That You?


Wednesday, 3 May

Decision-Making Mastery

Wednesday, 7 June

How to say No


Wednesday, 5 July

Money Mindset – What Are You Worth?

Presented by Gwyneth Letherbarrow MBA

Gwyneth is an Award-Winning Coach and Branding Strategist, Author and Speaker who has helped thousands of professionals build powerful personal brands that open doors to new opportunities.


Born in England, she spent more than 20 years working for international organizations throughout Europe and the Balkans, being a part of, building and managing, and sometimes drawing down multicultural teams. 


With a background in management, marketing and human resources, Gwyneth has a unique understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence in building a successful career. She also brings in-depth insights on complex workplace challenges and the dynamics created by culturally diverse teams. 


Through her consulting firm and her popular workshops, Gwyneth offers practical advice and strategies for building a brand that stands out in today’s competitive job market. With her guidance, professionals at all levels can develop the skills they need to stand out, advance their careers, and achieve their goals,


Find out more about how Gwyneth could help you with coaching, workshops and other online learning by sending an email to 

Gwyneth Letherbarrow MBA

Coach │Branding Strategist │Author │Speaker


T: 0043 (0) 650 4111 744


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